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A Philosophy of success

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Each and every morning, when I wake up, I just tell myself: "I have done it".

Because I have already been successful indeed.
But now, I must learn to be aware of my success. And then, I will try to be even more successful, both at work and in my personal life.
The aim of the session is to drive the participants to an enhanced success – both for themselves and their team – by providing them with a philosophical pattern, based on Epicurean and Utilitarian schools.
Both schools are disruptive and do promote happiness.
Disruptive meaning nothing is taken for granted.
For life is not necessarily going from point A to point B, this is mostly about handling new, and sometimes unexpected, situations, on a daily basis.
Happiness is necessary for well-being, but this is also the key of economics. This is something structured and necessary for any corporate ventures or organizations.
By laying emphasis on happiness, financial success is not ignored, on the contrary, but the scope is widened to the rest of my life.
Learn to be successful by being disruptive and happy, together with your team, thus making your whole team more successful and becoming yourself even more successful in return. 


At the end of the training, participants will be able to:
  • Assess their current success by integrating their achievements and, also, their regrets
  • Define in one sentence what ultimate success means to them
  • Create a serene environment to make the team more successful
  • Grab a share of the enhanced success of the team to be more successful themselves, both in their professional and personal sphere


  • Epicurean and utilitarian philosophy
  • Application to everyday life and corporate issues

Our lead expert

Vincent-Emmanuel Mathon
Vincent-Emmanuel offers an atypical path of excellence combining an engineering education oriented towards finding solutions to practical problems, the famous "how"; with a doctorate in philosophy that instils to question the "why".
He is a consultant in the fields of Property / Building Management and energy optimization, and a trainer on the themes of creativity, management and decision-making as well as a lecturer.

The plus of this training

  • Make any of my actions a source of profit and pleasure
  • My life is not driven by any algorithm; I am my own algorithm

Target audience

  • Anyone that must make decisions in a tense environment
  • Everyone who wishes to advance towards their goals and lead a successful life

Practical information

Language: English. This course is also available in French.
Duration: 2 hours
Number of participants: limited to 12 participants, to ensure a high interactivity during the training

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