Commercial Negotiation Skills
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Commercial Negotiation Skills

Advanced course

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General course details


This training brings the approach of negotiation to a level where multiple stakes combine and require building, checking and adjusting evolutionary strategies.
It associates a high level of rational approach of the stakes and agreement and advanced communication techniques, to maximise the chances of reaching solid agreements in complex negotiations. Both dimensions are organised in the negotiation process according to strategic principles and with a necessary sense of flexibility.
Participants are invited to assess the reliability of agreement scenarios to ensure post-negotiation success.

Negotiation is also considered as a possibly recurring process between partners, where previous agreements and negotiation processes feed future negotiations.

Participants learn to use the benefits of the past and to build the future through their negotiation approach.


At the end of the training, participant will be able to:

  •  Decide on solid grounds if and how to negotiate
  •  Define multidimensional zones of possible agreement
  •  Test proactively the resilience of possible agreement scenarios
  •  Focus on his interests and not on predefined positions
  •  Optimize the outcomes through an integrative approach of stakes
  •  Prepare the negotiation process in terms of  clear strategies related to information, time,  
     power, relationship and agenda
  •  Make best use of the interaction process in order to reach an agreement
  •  Understand better how to impact the counterparts
  •  Seal an agreement and to consolidate for longer term business


  • Relevance of negotiation and alternative approaches to negotiation
  • Zones of possible agreement and multidimensional zones of agreement for complex negotiations
  • Calculation of the sustainability of agreement scenarios
  • Positional and interest based approaches
  • Integrative and distributive approaches
  • Optimization of 6 elements of effective preparation: stakes, information, time, power, relationship and agenda
  • Using exploratory talks
  • Patterns of approaches to best impact the counterparts
  • Phasing the negotiation process
  • Building on previous and current agreements

Target people

  • Managers and leaders of department
  • Sales managers
  • All the people who wants to be a better negociator

Our lead-expert


Christian Cruyplandt can offer 15 years of training experience in the field of organisational and personal development. Over the years, he has been able to develop strong expertise in coaching teams and leaders, in designing and delivering training courses and in the field of change management.

Christian can rely on his experience as HR director, business unit leader and managing partner. He holds a master’s degree in psychology (ULB – 1987), MBTI certification (OPP Oxford) and has developed a tool designed to assess intercultural integration factors

Useful information

Language: English
                   This training is also available in French

A basic module is available here

Number of participants: limited to 12 participants to ensure good interactivity.

Duration: 1 day 

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