E-learning AML: Codename Black
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E-learning AML: Codename Black New !

Your Anti-Money Laundering Mission

courseType Technical Skills, Financial Sector

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General course details

Ms Black is in danger!
Do you think to be sufficiently prepared to fight and stop a drug cartel in laundering its money through a financial institution and save your colleague Ms Black?
This e-learning module is an ideal training solution to allow you to assess your knowledge of AML essentials by playing on the side of the infiltrator in a drug cartel and while at the same time complying with the AML training requirement set by the law.
Be ready, be focused… and dive into this full immersion adventure! 
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Pedagogical tools
This e-learning has Storytelling based learning, high quality videos, interactive quizzes, evolving scenario…  This innovative training uses gamification to ‘live’ the scenario and consequently have an optimized learning retention.
Learning objectives
  • Identify the different steps of the money laundering cycle
  • Learn about anti-money laundering last regulations
  • Spot the red flags and link risk factors to understand main laundering techniques
  • Appreciate the vulnerabilities of different products and services to criminal abuse
  • Consider the anti-money laundering controls cycle
  • Challenge and apply AML internal controls
  • Set the application of "customer due diligence" (CDD) procedures to identify and manage key risk indicators within customer relationships
  • Profile and monitor relationship activity
  • Introduce to reporting obligations
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The benefits
  • Time / cost effective learning
  • Immersive and trendy learning approach – you will have the full attention of your learners.
  • Consistency of content delivery to all users
  • Flexibility: learn anytime, anywhere! (tablets, phone, laptop, etc…)
  • Detailed monitoring of results
Target audience
The programme is appropriate in particular for achieving a first essential understanding of what AML is and for use in conjunction with local regulatory requirements and legislation. Overall, it dedicated to, but not exclusively for:
  • Professionals employed by financial institutions
  • Personnel from accountancy practices, law firms and regulators.
  • Employees subject to understanding Anti Money Laundering procedures in any of the countries of the European Union.  


The e-learning consists of four sequences for a total of 1 hour including a final assessment.
This e-learning is available in English and in French.
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Fees per participant

We deploy our e-learning solution as from 5 licences.
  • From 5 to 50  participants: 60 EUR
  • From 51 to 100  participants: 55 EUR
  • From 101 to 250  participants: 50 EUR
  • From 251 to 500  participants: 45 EUR
  • More than 501 participants : 40 EUR
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Learning management
Managing your learners
Learners can log in to a secure area to access courses and keep track of progress. Administrators can run reports on learning activity. The system also allows for exporting reports as CSV files so other programmes can use the information.
Learning Outcomes
  • Learners have access to their own secure personal learning space
  • Module progress and completion status is tracked
  • Learners can save their progress at any time and return to the module later to continue where they left off (bookmarking)
  • Access is via a secure internet-based learning portal

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